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Noel’s latest Book: YESTERMORROW 

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MY DREAM I am not an accomplished author, a scientist or a qualified theologian. I am just an ordinary man, who happened to be born in time to remember the outbreak of WW2 and the hopes we all had at the end of it. I was a National Serviceman when I first saw the inspiring UN building in Geneva. I was able to travel widely around the world during my adult life, and made friends in many countries, on both sides of the iron curtain, a veil I well remember. I was an active member of the United Nations Association throughout most of my adult life. I met some of the people who helped write the Declaration of Human Rights. I believe Philip Noel–Baker was one of them, and I was deeply inspired by his passion in the 1980’s, when I invited him to speak in Nottingham about the need to rid the world of nuclear weapons.  At the age of 87, writing this book is the best thing I can do to try to make the world a better place. You may well think that this is a very vain attempt, but surely it is better than doing nothing? My best hope is that my readers will make some suggestions about how this book could be improved. I have set out a series of questions, and would welcome responses on my website. I am not expecting to be able to bring out an improved edition, although this is a possibility. Perhaps other people will write better books on this theme. My great dream, however, is that others will be moved to start thinking about ways out of the dilemma the world is now in. It is absolutely vital that we change the climate of current thinking. Unconsciously, we are dragging ourselves into a dystopian world. If we do not have a vision, we will not be able to save humanity from disaster. I know that there is enough love, inspiration and creative awareness in this world to prevent this from happening, but it needs to be mobilised quickly. Surely, it is imperative that we make the attempt?                                                                                  Noel Harrower                                                                                  Exmouth, Devon. U.K.                                                                                  (September 2018)