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UNCIVIL WAR -Press Release
PRESS RELEASE Matador WWW.TROUBADOR.CO.UK UNCIVILWAR Noel Harrower tells the twin tales of resolute young people in a country at war 'Lessons need to be learned; even over 750 years later, there are still thousands of child soldiers and victims across the world,' Noel observes. He has used this knowledge as the inspiration for Uncivil War, the story of five fictitious children, living in Nottinghamshire, who are torn apart by the English Civil War.
Civil wars have always affected children emotionally more than mature adults because of their vulnerability. As they see the world around them crumble, some become child soldiers, some immature canons and nurses, and others are violently abused.
As a boy, growing up in WWi, I was very fond of reading historical adventure stories. One was The Children of the New Forest by Captain Marriott. When I later came to work in Nottinghamshire, I remembered that the Civil War had begun there, and all but ended, with the surrender of Newark. It surprised me that few people had thought of writing a novel about it, and after doing a local studies course, I decided to remedy the situation," observes Noel. 'All the main adult characters actually lived in the county and were involved in the incidents described, and while I had to give them personalities of my own invention, the events were real," claims Noel. Elements of his story create a realistic work of fiction, as seen through the eyes of innocent children. "It is with a certain genius that Noel Harrower has brought moments in history back to life. The reader is engaged in an action-packed story ... history becomes realistically present!" Christine Michael, children's writer. NOEL HARROWER was a national serviceman before studying English and Modem History at Manchester University He spent most of his working life as a Careers Officer in Nottinghamshire, where he also won several awards for his one-act plays. PUBLICATION DATE 28TH NOVEMBER 2014 ISBN: 9781784620400 PRICE: £8.99  PRESS PACK FOR AUTHOR INTERVIEWS, REVIEW OR COMPETITION COPIES, ARTICLES, PHOTOS  OR EXTRACTS PLEASE CONTACT SARAH TAYLOR  TEL: 0116 279 2299 EMAIL: SARAH-TAYLOR@TROUBADOR.CO.UK TROUBADOR PUBLISHING, 9 PRIORY BUSINESS PARK, WISTOW ROAD, KIBWORTH, LEICESTER LE8 ORX
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