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          PEACE THROUGH RECONCILIATION  (THURS 22nd  SEPT. 7.30.)                                            OUTLINE SUGGESTIONS. PRELIMINARY It was suggested at our meeting last night that an event might happen earlier in the day in the Square to alert the public to the event. There was no agreement as to exactly what. Dance, Music, Mime and Drama were all mentioned, also the idea of a water theme using the fountains, a peace vigil and the holding of hands and a procession to the Cathedral. There was uncertainty about much of this. No one volunteered to provide a dancer and some faiths said firmly that it was not in their tradition. The idea requires a small working group to come up with a proposal, but one simple idea could be as follows.  A circle of silent people in a peace vigil with candles and placards about tonight’gathering. They are joined by several people in their own traditional faith dress and also by key denominational and faith leaders, representing as many Places of Worship as possible. They break into song of some sort – something like “Bind us together, Lord”. We are joined by the Lord Mayor and progress together to the Cathedral, possibly led by a policeman, and or a musician of some sort. Flute player? Pied piper style.                                               THE EVENT We gather in the Cathedral Hall, seated around the walls. Mgr McGovern welcomes us and then at 7.30. there are 2 minute brief presentations by each of our nine faiths, who come into the circle. The presentations on Peace through Reconciliation will need to be chosen as complimentary contributions, some music and song, hopefully a dance or two, and readings and prayers with translations if necessary. Possibly the B.K.s may wish to introduce a Minute of Silence. There is a single act of unity, demonstrated in the circle by all participants, and shared with the shaking of hands amongst the spectators – “Peace be with you.” Procession into the Cathedral. The lighting of each others candles. A word about Inter Faith from the Chairman. The Civic Prayer is said by all. Address by the Bishop of Nottingham. Final Song on theme of Unity acceptable to all. An Inter Faith blessing. Disperse for refreshments in the hall, which are brought from the faiths to represent their food traditions – labelled.- all vegetarian and non alcoholic. Before we start to share food and conversation, the Lord Mayor is invited to speak to us. EARLY AGREEMENT AND EARLY PUBLICITY IS ESSENTIAL. THEREFORE A A SMALL STEERING GROUP MUST BE FORMED VERY QUICKLY. This whole concept to be reconsidered at the Meeting with Mgr McGovern on Thursday  22nd July at 10.30 am. We wish there to be delegates present from all the nine faiths,   ready to suggest their contribution. 
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