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Path to a New Consciousness.

     GREEN SPIRIT Path to a New Consciousness

Topicality of the subject Prayer How can it be that Christians, who try to follow the teachings of Jesus, can behave like this? Two thousand years have rolled by, and we have developed our education systems, honed our technology and learned so much more about the world around us, and yet we are now destroying creation with a speed and energy that seems unstoppable. In ancient times people believed that monstrous evils must be the work of the devil.  The devil is personified in the gospels, when he tempts Jesus in the wilderness. I come to this from the standpoint of a progressive Christian, and do not believe that the devil is a being at all, but the powers of evil surround us nevertheless, and we have to face the negativity inside our own souls which makes us choose a modern luxury lifestyle, which threatens life itself, over a simple one which is life enhancing. It seems as if all our culture has led us to a stage where we have unleashed a hydra-headed-monster who rules our lives. His name is Legion, and he dominates our tiny world, reminding us that our whole economy depends on buying more things. The aim of life is to become rich and powerful, we must always wear and do what’s fashionable, aim to become a celebrity, travel far and fast, to be constantly surrounded by loud music and entertainment and never take time out to sit quietly and enjoy the beautiful world around us.    Green Spirit tackles this attitude head on. It isn’t another religion. It’s a way of thinking based on a body of wisdom, a sense of the sacred and supported by a body of like-minded people. The movement began when Matthew Fox, an American theologian gave a series of lectures at St. James’ Church, Piccadilly, London, following the publication of his ground breaking book, “Original Blessing”in the 1980’s. Fox contended that the doctrine of original sin had led the church astray, and that, in truth, we were not cursed but blessed by our Creator with a wonderful world and bountiful gifts of wonder, awe, reasoning and creativity. We had a responsibility to use our talents to help shape a better world. A group of enthusiasts formed a movement in this country which was originally called “Creation Spirituality”. They began to explore links between modern science and world faiths. A problem arose over confusion with “Creationism”, so in the 1990’s the name Green Spirit was chosen. Various groups had sprung up round the Country, a website was started and a magazine began publication. Members come from many faiths or of none, but we are all fellow pilgrims on a journey. In this talk I draw inspiration from this recently published book  “Green Spirit path to a New Consciousness” edited by Marion McCain from North Devon.      
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