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God can be felt – but not identified .
                                         Quantum Physics suggests that everything in the Universe, including Mankind is composed of a network of particles and waves and that everything is connected. There are no tangible boundaries between material objects and the space around them. It follows that all creatures, plants, the earth and the air itself relate to each other. We are then quite mistaken if we see Mankind as separate, superior beings, although it is true that, whilst we are in this form, we possess a gift to comprehend this. This could be a unique and intentional gift of understanding, but other creatures seem to sense this instinctively. As we are part of the environment seeing ourselves as separate from it, or even worse as superior, helps to destroy the balance of the whole delicate ecological structure. Something creates and maintains all this. We do not understand this something, but down the ages Mankind has recognised this and named it. In our language the word is God. The North American Indians spoke of Sacred Mystery and the Hindus call the life principle Atman. There is no way that we can comprehend God because it is out of our range. If we try to understand God, we run the risk of diminishing it, because most people see him or her in our own image – a super-being. It then becomes easy for other people to scoff at an image of human creation. The closest we can get is to say that God is the intangible force which maintains the universe and that although it cannot be codified, it can be felt when we focus our attention on the wave aspects of ourselves rather than the particle aspect. All civilizations have recognized this vibration. They have usually encoded it in their great myths, which are the closest they can get to truth. When they cease to believe their myths, the civilizations begin to fade away. As they melt, new civilizations are born. This has to happen, it is part of the programme, even as ice melts and day follows night.  Whenever the civilization loses touch with the vibrant heart of creation it is not playing its true role. It is redundant and the cords are broken. Is this what we are now seeing in our own so called secular society, where parents are distracted from the natural world by constant material bombardment and many children are growing up without the three essential values of faith, hope and love? God is a feeling of the heart, rather than a concept of the mind. Feelings are every bit as important as ideas. We deny them at our peril. We are living in a very insecure materialistic society in which the media creates much of the news, crowns the celebrities and decides what is to be “the top story of the day.” TV sets dominate our living spaces and emotions shaped by the media are like liquids taking the mould they are poured into. This helps to build an artificial world in which, beneath the ceaseless demands of our 24- hour culture, human beings subconsciously yearn for new myths, identify with TV pack- leaders. Pent up feelings then break out sometimes in violence and sometimes in huge outpourings of grief. In summary, the unknown God will never be seen, only felt, but its reflection can be found in the sayings and writings of the great masters who have felt this vibration so strongly that it left a deep imprint on their lives and teachings. Such messages are as essential for human well-being as the migratory instincts of birds, animals and fish in their own lifecycles.                                                                                                                     Noel Harrower
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