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                                         FESTIVALS OF THE FAITHS 1. Bahai                 21 April – 2 May  Ridvan. Greetings to be sent for start of the period                                                                           to Secretary of the Nottingham Assembly.                                                                           Jane Pearce, 23 Cooper Close, Hempshall                                                                           Vale, NG6 7BS            Alternative visit dates for Lord Mayor, Inter Faith and the Public                                31 October Sunday Afternoon.  Cluster Reflection    To be notified                                 20 March O5   Sunday evening New Year Party.      of venue.                               2. Brahma Kumaris   Sept 7th 2004  Janamashtami Lord Krishna’s Birthday                                    Greetings to Mrs Nehra                                   12th Nov   Dawali  Festival of Lights           Alternative visit dates for Lord Mayor, Inter Faith and the Public                                  18th January 05 Tuesday Evening  Day of Remembrance of the Founder       90. Trent Boulevard   or                                   1st March Tuesday Evening Shiv Ratri Birthday of the Lord Shiva 3. Buddhist                                  11th July 04 Sunday afternoon Visit to Merli’s Orchard. 4. Christian               27th March   Easter Sunday Greetings to Churches Together in Notts                                                                        Do we say the visits are 16 May, (St. Mary’s) and 23rd Sept at the                                                                                                  Catholic Cathedral  ? 5. Hindu                     12th Nov Dawali Festival of Lights Greetings to Mrs Mohindra                                     18th Feb.  Shiv Ratree                       at Hindu Temple                                     Alternative dates for Lord Mayor, Inter Faith and Public                                     Any Saturday morning to see the Children’s School   (Temple)                                     Any Friday morning to see the Elderly Lunch Club           “                                     Any Monday evening to see the Indian Dance Classes      “                                     Any Tuesday evening to see the Hanuman Devotees         “                                     Any Wednesday evening to see the Yoga students             “                                     Any Sunday to see the general congregation                      “ 6.  Jewish                    To be confirmed   7.  Muslim                                “ 9.  Quakers                               “ 10. Sikhs                    Greetings to be sent for Vaisuki in April . Precise date will follow.                                    Visit either evening of  26th November – Birthday of Guru Nanak                                    or evening of 5th November to Nottingham Rd Gudwara.        
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