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God is a word for Creative Wisdom
God is beyond human comprehension. This does not prove that God does not exist. Can a fish comprehend mountain? The misunderstanding arises from the fact that we tend to see things in our own image, so that we can understand them. Over time we have created an image of God as a super being. A better description of the mystery would be Sacred Wisdom. Although we cannot comprehend the mystery, it is important that we try to get glimpses of it. Darwin has unveiled the mystery of evolution and most of us now believe it. In the light of this, what is meant by the statement that Man is made in the image of God? Is it rubbished? I don’t think so. Certainly, it is impossible to still see ourselves as the supreme achievement. We are a species, related to others, but the fact remains that we have been gifted with the power of intelligence, imagination, speech and the ability to create things. Is this just chance? I don’t believe so. Perhaps we were gifted in this way, so that we can image creative wisdom. This is, of course, done in varied ways in different cultures. Just as species are varied across the globe, so are our human cultures and the gods that we perceive reflect our habitat. Creative wisdom is imaged differently in India, China, the Middle East and the Western World. Each vision has its own virtue. Thank God for that! As a young man, I left the church because I felt it did not seem prepared to take a moral stand on huge issues such as nuclear weapons, war and peace, great wealth and great poverty.  Instead I became a campaigner, but later in life I came to realise the need for a strong spiritual consciousness, and after exploring Indian style meditation and reading widely, I came back to Christianity because it gave me the framework and the discipline I needed within a culture I understood. I remain dissatisfied with most churches, but have found one broad enough to accommodate my views, and dare to call myself a Christian because I try to follow the path that Jesus taught. Of course I fall short, but I find it is worth the effort.   I am now a member of the Transition Town Movement and feel strongly that the churches should be giving a much greater moral need on climate change, but at least I can fight for this from the inside. What other known creature could have had the power and understanding to propagate the laws of natural selection? What other species can tell the story of climate change? Our responsibility is awesome.                         Yours sincerely,                Noel Harrower                                           
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