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A Christmas Thank you Poem Thank you, Jenny, for unnumbered things - so easily discounted, for washing socks and stitching zips and memories uncounted. Thank you for the shirts you’ve ironed, while watching the TV, the washings up, the wipings down - and things forgiven me, Thank you for all the potions kept in your medicine chest – your daily meditations - remembering friends, forgiving wrongs and healing expectations. Thank you for the books we’ve shared - discussed and recommended, for the music and the dancing and the laughter and the loving. Thank you for nursing me through sickness and for always being there, and for urging me to move where I’ve always longed to be exploring things Devonian and bounding by the sea - discovering the Jurassic Coast and finding I am free. Thank you, dear Jenny, for helping us create this new home in an old one, with Amber and Neptune rooms and Lilac for our rest and Mama’s kitchen for our food, prepared with care and zest. Thank you for being so youthful Despite your 60 years. Thank you for being so beautiful – in face and figure too, Thank you for being so patient. Thank you for being you!                                                                                            Noel
A Christmas Thank you Poem  (2005) .
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