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The Nottingham Buddhist Centre
The Nottingham Buddhist Centre,                                        Dear Sir or Madam,                                        I am writing to enquire if it would be possible for a small group                                        of our members, including our President, the Lord Mayor of                                        Nottingham, to visit your Centre during the day of June 20th                                         as part of our annual pilgrimage to Places of Worship in the City.                                        We will be visiting several other venues and wonder if it might                                        be convenient to call at around 12.3O pm, to learn something                                        about your philosophy and style of meditation                                                                              If you are able to agree to our request, we will send you                                        a programme for the day. Any of your own members who are                                        free would be most welcome to join us. We will be starting at                                        the Unitarian Chapel in The Lace Market, visiting the Inter Faith                                        Grove of  Trees in Bath St. and hope to complete out tour by                                        visiting the Islamic Centre in Curzon St. If 12.30. does not suit                                        you, perhaps it would be possible to come at 3.15. We would                                        like to be with you for about 50 minutes. Obviously, if                                        neither time suits, we will need to make other arrangements.                                        A telephone call to Nottingham 9569304 would help us with                                        our plans.                                          Cllr. Hartshorne, who is taking over as Lord Mayor in May is                                         most interested in the contribution that the different faiths are                                         making to the life of the City. He has expressed a particular                                         appreciation for Buddhism.                                                                         In peace,                                                                         Noel Harrower                                                                         Chairman
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